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Small Claims Process Server - Background

What can we do for you today?

Process Serving AACES' Process Servers can assist you with your

Small Claims Court Process Serving Needs.

You always need to be cautious when serving Small Claims Court Documents.

Small Claims Court Process Server

In many cases, the recipient is aware of the situation and can become irritated easily, especially when being approached by the Plaintiff of the case, or someone that is directly associated with the case.

Our process servers are professional, calm, and respectful individuals that know how to defuse stressful situations before they escalate into an altercation.

Seven Simple Steps

to Start the Small Claims Court Process

The information provided below is offered to help you prepare to make a claim in Small Claims Court if you do not have a lawyer. The information provided below is not legal advice, and it may not apply in every situation.

Step 1:

Consider alternatives. Is Starting the Small Claims Court Process the only option?

Step 2:

Seek Legal Advice from a Lawyer or licenced Paralegal

Step 3:

Prepare and File your Plaintiff's Claim at the Small Claims Court

Step 4:

Contact Process Serving AACES to Serve your Plaintiff's Claim on the Defendant(s)

Step 5:

File the Affidavit of Service at the Small Claims Court

Setp 6:

Note the Defendant in default by Filing a Form 9B: Request to Clerk, If after 20 days of serving the Plaintiff's Claim, the defendant does not file a defence

Step 7:

Request a Default Judgement or Set a Hearing Date

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