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"Pay as You Go" Process Service Rates

Process Service - GTA
Process Service - Durham Region
Process Service - York Region
Process Service - Peterborough
Affidavit of Service

Attempted Service
Affidavit of Attempted Service

Kilometer fee
(Distance calculated from point of origin)

$15.00  +  KM
$15.00  +  KM
$15.00  +  KM
$20.00  +  KM

$10.00  +  KM

$0.50 per KM

*Plus applicable taxes.  Prices are subject to change

Process Serving AACES Flat Rate Process Service Rates

Flat Rate Process Service - Durham Region
Flat Rate Process Service - Toronto & GTA
Flat Rate Process Service - York Region
Flat Rate Process Service - Peterborough Area



When you choose the Process Serving AACES' Flat Rate Process Service, you pay the above amounts based on the region.  Everything is included...


Add an additional recipient at the same location at the same time for only $20.00

Additional Services

Surveillance / Wait Time  (Calculated in 30 minute intervals)

$25.00 / 30 min.

* Prices are subject to change