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Family Court Process Server - Background

What can we do for you today?

Process Serving AACES' Process Servers can assist you with your
Family Court Process Serving needs.

Process Serving AACES' process servers are especially effective with the process serving of family court documents. Our competitive advantage is that our Process Servers let you choose the best time of day for the first attempt of service of your court documents. 

Family Court Process Server

You choose the best time:

  • Morning (before 11:59am)

  • Afternoon (between 12 noon and 4:59pm)

  • Evening (after 5pm)

Restrictions on Who may Serve

The Process Serving of a number of family court documents have restrictions on who may serve these documents... The following documents need to be served by someone other than the party required to serve the document:

1. An application (Form 8, 8A, 8B.1, 8B.2, 8C, 8D, 8D.1, 34L, or 34N)

2. A motion to change (Form 15) and change information form (Form 15A)

3. A notice of contempt motion

4. A summons to witness

5. A notice of motion or notice of default hearing (with a possibility of imprisonment)

Process Serving AACES would be happy to assist you with serving your family court documents. And since you know the recipient of your documents, you would have a good idea as to which time of day will more likely result in the documents being served on the first attempt. 

Time restrictions to keep in mind

Don't forget that the court places time restrictions which are in place to ensure the recipient has sufficient time to respond... Most Family Court Applications and Family Court Motions to Change require 30 days notice. 


Process Serving AACES Process Servers must have the documents well in advance of these deadlines to ensure our Process Servers are provided with enough time to properly complete the service of your documents. The sooner we get your documents, the better. Some recipients may become more evasive if they know the deadline is fast approaching.

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Need help Filing your Family Court Documents?

Our Durham Region Process Server is experienced in filing Family Court Documents.

Process Serving AACES will file your court documents at the Oshawa, Ontario Courthouse for $45 plus disbursements. *All documents must be prepared in advance.

* A cheque for all court fees must be provided. 

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