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Process Serving AACES Process Server for Blackstock, Ontario can provide a choice between a Flat Rate Process Service or a "Pay as you go" Process Service throughout the entire Durham Region, including Blackstock, Ontario.

You Choose the Best Service Plan for you...

Flat Rate Process Service in Blackstock
Only $100
Up to three (3) Attempts of Service
Affidavit of Service (or Attempted Service)
No Mileage Fees
No Parking Fees
Always FREE
No Phone Fees
Always FREE
No Mailing Fees
Always FREE
Applicable Taxes
"Pay as You Go" Process Service in Blackstock
Fee for Service
Process Service (or 1st Attempt of Service)
Each Additional Attempt of Service
Affidavit of Service (or Attempted Service)
Mileage Fees
$0.75 / KM
Parking Fees
Always FREE
Phone Fees
Always FREE
Mailing Fees
Always FREE
Add Applicable Taxes
Port Hope and Cobourg Process Serving Rates.jpg
Process Serving AACES - Court filing at the Oshawa Courthouse.jpg

Our Process Server for Blackstock, Ontario is also experienced in the filing of legal documents and is available to assist you with your court filing needs at the Oshawa, Ontario courthouse for a flat fee of

$45.00 per file + tax + disbursements. Our Process Servers do not charge any mileage or parking fees while filing legal documents at the Oshawa courthouse.

If you use a Process Serving AACES Process Server to both Serve your legal documents and File them at the Oshawa, Ontario courthouse, our Process Server will offer you an immediate $10.00 discount.


Where in Durham Region do you need a Process Server?

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